Street Fighter 4 Tournament Fightstick

This my unboxing of the mythical Street Fighter 4 Tournament Fightstick. Madcatz, being very conscious of its reputation for shovelware accessories, had a different plan in mind for this one: designing it with minimal branding and maximum kick ass.

Outside Box:

I don't know much about arcade sticks, but this one supposedly uses top of the line parts straight out of Japanese arcade cabinets. Some say it's overpriced at $150, but for newbs like me who don't want to build their own, this is probably the perfect solution; and due to its extremely limited quantities (we'll see how long that lasts if this thing proves profitable), its going for about $300 on ebay.

Inside Box:

As for my own route to acquiring this, I ordered this guy back in December at retail and didn't receive it until last week. I immediately jumped online to get some SF4 games on and proceeded to lose another 5 straight games ... but that's another story for another post.

What can I say though? I don't have very much point of reference, and while I have played the arcade SF4 in Japan, I don't recall if this is similar at all. Great review eh?

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