Gundam Kits in Japan

I have 2 main routes for obtaining new Gundam model kits: (1) online retailers (2) local hobby shops. Option (1) usually charges close to 10$ for shipping, while option (2) usually presents me with large markups.

However, if you go straight to the source, you will find Gundams going for nearly half what online retailers ask for. The scene above is a little exaggerated (the location is the hobby floor of Yodobashi Camera Akihabara, if you were curious) since most hobby stores in Japan offer the similar prices without the signfare.

Note that most of the Master Grade (MG) grade kits go for around 2500 to 3500 yen in the picture. Even the newest ones (Infinite Justice, when I was there) was going for a paltry 3000-3500 yen. The trouble is the airfare (~1000$ roundtrip) AND finding the luggage space to carry them all back. Maybe 60-80$ kits aren't that expensive after all ...