Demigod CD-Keys, Serials Invalid

I felt the urge to relieve the "DOTA" itch and purchased this game yesterday from Amazon and received it on my doorstop today. I breezed through the install process, but discovered a hiccup when trying to register a new Stardock account: my product serial number was invalid ...

I had heard about the broken street release date by Gamestop (and the subsequent loss of vacation time for the devs - I feel for them there), but since people were hopping on the multiplayer servers already, I assumed that the launch went smoothly otherwise. That's not the whole truth though, since a quick google search brought to me to a few forums with multiple people in the same situation. Sad this wasn't mentioned on the larger game blogs ... I would have waited for this to have gotten resolved at the supply level. What gives? CD-Keys have been around since the mid 90's and online CD-Key validation from the time Steam came about like half a decade ago if not earlier. From what I'm reading, this isn't limited to just any one retailer - they are all affected (BestBuy, Walmart, Gamestop, Amazon).

Anyways, for now, we simply have to put up with it and email Stardock support and provide them proof of purchase for a new serial. I hear they are quick to resolve the problem, but realistically for me, by the time I hear back from them and submit my info, it'll be next week Monday or Tuesday assuming they don't work weekends. I have million other things I could do with my spare time, so I won't be too saddened by this. I have a long memory though, and unless I'm thoroughly impressed by this game, I'll definitely give Stardock a second thought before buying any more of their games.

**UPDATE: I got a pretty jovial response from their support team (something about an Unclean Beast in their servers) which basically told me that all was well, and to try to register again, which succeeded this time around. I'll put the details in another post.