49ers draft Michael Crabtree (Madden Rating)

In case you're wondering what this is doing here: yes, I am San Francisco 49ers fan. This was one of the best possible outcomes for the Niners with their #10 pick, and I'm glad it happened. It could become the steal of the draft. The Niners have been lacking a receiving threat since Terrell Owens left town, and Crabtree is the premier athlete of this year's draft, not to mention the reigning NCAA receiver of the year for two years running.

Finally, in a rare synergy between my sports and games interest, I snagged this off the EA 2010 draft experience: the official EA sports Michael Crabtree Madden 2010 rating. As seen in the picture above, he starts off with an overall rating of 84. Hopefully it becomes a 90+ next year :)


  1. a 75 on route running???
    he's the best young route runner in the league

  2. Hard to be a top receiver when you're not on the field, suck a d niners fans

  3. Don't be jealous our team has 5 super bowl rings and yours doesn't!

  4. hows he playing so far
    oh wait

  5. Sweet, he finally signed for 5-6 years. Hopefully this year is the turning point for the niners as a whole.