nodame cantabile

Nodame Cantabile is a romantic comedy pairing two completely opposite personalities. Shinichi Chiaki is one the best at the Music Conservatory in Tokyo (and also one of the most conceded) but finds himself stressed out over the way his life has turned out. After a rough night out drinking, he encounters Noda Megumi (Nodame), a fellow music student, but one whose style of play greatly deviates from the structured world of classical music in which they both study.

Currently 2 seasons (23 + 11 + 1 special episode(s)) long, it's been picked up a third season this coming fall. I skipped on this series entirely, but after reading much acclaim on the internets, I gave it a try and was seriously surprised; Nodame Contabile has quickly jumped into my favorite 5 animes of all time.

Arbitrary kenholic.com rating: 10 out of 10


  1. i love the j-dorama nodame cantabile! i would love to see the manga and anime version.

  2. Conversely, I would also love to see the j-dorama version sometime :)