detroit metal city

Souichi Negishi strives to make it big as a trendy pop musician, but is driven to live a double life to make ends meet. As Johannes Krauser II, he is the lead guitarist and singer of the indie's death metal band for which the series is named, Detroit Metal City. Although he is pretty successful as Krauser, and the band has a dedicated following, he hates the music and tries to escape from this world. Each 15 minute episode follows his adventures as he is constantly misunderstood, flirts with his love interest, and battle other indie bands for a top spot in the industry.

Detroit Metal City is almost worth watching just for Krauser's character itself, but can also be considered a hit-or-miss affair. Most people who watch anime and movies en-masse will probably be sufficiently desensitized enough to enjoy the kind of crude/offensive humor this show employs though. You have been warned.

Arbitrary kenholic.com rating: 8 out of 10.